Care, maintenance, and product choice

Is it normal that my yoga mat has a smell?

The odor of the yoga mat is the strongest when it is new. Normally it goes away after the first two weeks of yoga practice.
If you want to speed up the process spread out your mat in a ventilated space (not in direct sunlight) or roll it up loosely. The “new smell” of the natural rubbers will go away very fast.

Is it normal that my new yoga mat is slippery?

New yoga mats sometimes have a thin film on the surface resulting from the printing process in their production.
If your new mat is slippery wash it with cold water and a delicate soap and let it dry in a ventilated place (no direct sunlight!).

What is the best care for my yoga mat?

It is important to know that all kinds of rubbers, no matter if natural or synthetic, are prone to some sort of degradation – especially when they are exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Of course, you can practice yoga in the sun, but after your session put your yoga mat back in its bag.

Don’t leave your mat in your car for longer periods of time, especially when it is hot outside. It can dry out the molecules of the material and have a negative effect on the mat’s softness and elasticity.

To guarantee the best care for your mat we recommend cleaning it regularly with a mild detergent or soap and a little water (don’t soak!). Try out our ReMat Clean natural mat cleaning detergent. It is based on tea tree oil and has antibacterial and disinfecting properties.

What is TPE?

TPE (Thermoplastic Endomer) is an innovative material without PVC or latex which is produced in a reversible thermal instead of, like most other plastic materials, a chemical process.
The reversability of its processing makes this material completely recyclable. TPEs consume less energy to produce, can be colored easily by most dyes, and allow economical quality control.

Orders and account

Why do I have to create an account?

When you are purchasing items from our store it is necessary to insert your email address and your personal information and create an account.

When you are logged in you can easily manage your orders, see the shipment status, download documents (like bills or credit notes) manage your discount bonuses or carry out a product exchange.

How do i have to fill out my information?

Please be thorough when you insert your personal data.

Having your correct personal data is crucial for us when we need to contact you regarding any problems with your order or the shipment.

If your billing address varies from your shipping address just select the corresponding checkbox.

How can I see and modify my orders?

After you have placed an order you can manage it in the section “History and Order Details” when you are logged in.
You can see all your orders and their status, reorder or download the bill (if present).
Click on “Details” to see a more detailed order status and verify your shipping and billing address.

How do I apply a discount code or coupon to my order?

You can insert a discount code or coupon by clicking on CART and after on BUY. On the lower left side you’ll see a field called Discount Code, insert your code and click OK to apply the discount to your order.
If you haven’t used the whole discount or bonus for your order, a new code will automatically be created and saved in your account section for you. You can use it for your next order.

Important: Discount codes and vouchers can only be applied to our products but not on the shipping costs. To complete your order you must pay for the shipping even if you use a voucher or discount code.

How do I return or exchange an item purchased online?

First of all: if you are not satisfied with your product – don’t worry! Within 14 days of the reception of your purchase, you can return or exchange an item.

Product Return Form.

Send your item to this address:

ReYoga Srls
Via Matteo Ricci 16/a
60126 Ancona

Note: You will not be reimbursed for damaged products or products that were damaged because of inappropriate packaging.
If you want to return an item because it was damaged when you received it, please send us an email to before sending it back to us!

What kind of assistance do you offer?

Contact us anytime if you have questions or need help regarding our products or your order. Send an email to or call us at the Italian number: 0039 – 071 2412731. We offer telephonic support in English and German from Monday – Friday 09.00 – 14.30.
Our team is available for you before during and after your purchase and we are dedicated to help and support you in any way.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by bank transfer, credit card or debit card via PayPlug or PayPal.



The fee charged by ReYoga for shipping in Italy is

- € 3,90 vat included with BRT express courier for Italy on BRT-fermopoint® (delivery in 1 to 2 working days)
- € 5.90 vat included with BRT express courier for Italy for home delivery (delivery in 1 to 2 working days)

If the cart total exceeds € 200.00 for shipments in Italy no shipping costs will be charged and delivery will be to your home, at the address indicated at the time of purchase.


The fee charged by ReYoga for shipping in EU is

- from € 12,21 (plus VAT of the respective EU country) delivery in 3-5 working days

If the cart total exceeds € 300.00 for shipments within the European Union, no shipping costs will be charged.

Should the data entered at the time of compilation be incorrect or incomplete, we inform you that the costs of storage or delivery to another address will be charged to the recipient.

Can I request a stop-shop for orders over € 200.00?

For larger and heavier orders, it is not possible to use the fermopoint® service. To avoid logistical problems when handing over the goods to the courier, we have set this threshold as the limit for selecting the "BRT-fermopoint®" option but offer free shipping.

What are the average shipping and delivery times?

Normally our team prepares all orders for shipping within 1 day (Monday-Friday) after we received the payment.

In Italy, we use the express carrier BRT 24/48 hours. Deliveries to other EU countries are shipped with UPS (3-4 workdays).

If you have questions about a delivery outside the EU please send us an email to

All our deliveries are traceable with a tracking number so you are always up to date regarding where your order is at the moment.


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