When finalising your purchase, you will be asked to enter a shipping address. In Italy, depending on your needs, you can choose whether to deliver your order directly to your home or pick it up at a BRT-Fermopoint® near you. For EU countries we deliver with UPS courier.

Most products are available immediately and will be shipped as soon as possible, at the latest within 48 hours after order creation and receipt of payment. Our warehouse ships orders on working days only, Monday to Friday. Orders will not be shipped on Saturdays and Sundays.


Shipping costs are out-of-pocket costs that must be paid for each order sent. Most of our shipments contain mats and these, due to their weight and volume, cost more than the average shipment normally made by e-commerce companies.

Part of the shipping cost we have decided to bear ourselves, but we cannot cover it in full. The remaining shipping costs are borne by the customer and in the clear.

Our ethical choice is motivated by these reasons:
- to offer free shipping, the price of individual products is often increased (effectively hiding a cost that you pay anyway)
- by including the cost of shipping in the price of the individual product, each order containing more than one product would in fact make you pay shipping costs several times over
- offering free shipping above a competitive threshold pushes customers to make often unnecessary purchases (buy only what you really need!)

In Italy, for orders over € 200.00, we are unable to offer the BRT-fermopoint® option because the parcel goes beyond the limits allowed by the courier and because of this inefficiency we have chosen to offer free shipping.


For shipments in Italy, you can choose two ways to have your order delivered by BRT express courier:
- at a BRT-fermopoint® near you, for € 3.90 including VAT
- to your home, for € 5.90 including VAT

If the total of your shopping cart exceeds € 200.00 VAT included, shipping in Italy is free (it is not possible to choose the BRT-fermopoint® option) and delivery is automatically at home, at the address indicated at the time of purchase.

The BRT express courier normally provides delivery within:
- 24/48 hours (working days) for central and northern Italy
- 48/72 hours (working days) for southern Italy, major islands and some more isolated locations
- 3/5 working days for smaller islands and some particularly difficult-to-reach locations.

WHY CHOOSE THE FERMOPOINT® SERVICE (only available in Italy)?

For shipping to Italy the fermopoint® service allows the express courier to cut some costs and above all helps us reduce the environmental impact of deliveries by diverting several orders to a single collection point. So your shipping costs are lower and your purchases become more sustainable!

In addition, the BRT-fermopoint® service is very useful when
- you are away from home all day, so you can pick up your order at participating businesses near your place of work or your home (or on your daily commute)
- you live in an area that is difficult for couriers to reach and you want to solve delivery problems that you normally encounter.

BRT-fermopoints® are on the rise and can be a viable alternative to home delivery. In order to truly make them an environmentally friendly choice, you must do your part. Choose a pick-up point close to the places you visit daily so that you can walk to it or avoid extra pollution by extending your car journey.


Shipments within the European Union are handled by the express courier UPS.

The costs for shipments within the European Union are
- € 12,21 (plus VAT of the respective EU country) up to 5 kg weight
- € 15,49 (plus VAT of the respective EU country) from 5 to 10 kg of weight
- € 18,77 (plus VAT of the respective EU country) over 10 kg weight

If the cart total exceeds € 300.00 including VAT, shipping within the EU is free of charge.
Deliveries abroad are made by express courier.
Generally, in Europe, we deliver within 3-5 working days after dispatch.


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