Quality & Design

To safely practice Yoga you should always choose a high-quality Yoga mat.
But how can you recognize quality?

Hint: it is not the price. For us from ReYoga quality means creating functional, resistant, sustainable and trustworthy products.

When we are talking about funcionality we mean the ability of a yoga product to uncompromisingly support Yogis during their Yoga practice. Trustworthy because we don’t want to question wether there are toxic substances used during the production process or as part of the product.

A good Yoga product resists the purpose for which is was designed effortlessly

Quality for us is a synonym of sustainability. Sustainability is not a "nice to have" addition to the materials or production process, it is the core of both of these factors. Make sure you know what materials you buy and question any company which is not transparent about their choice of materials or production processes. It’s not just about the prettiest mat or the best marketing. Choose wisely. Stay informed.

Our goal? Achieving the best possible quality when using sustainable materials.

After we resolved the sustainability problem, we started talking about the design of our products. They cannot only be ecological but have to have a certain style to them, don’t you think?
We love colorful designs and studied different tonalities to update our color – combinations regularly and create new innovative Designs.

Our main inspiration is nature, it leads us to create products and designs we can easily identify with.
With our Italian spirit we dream, we think, we imagine, we create prototypes, test and analyze them until we love the result.
Many times we ask artists to support us.
Their artistic approach and unique interpretation helps us see our products in a different light and add a special new value to their design. Having a good design concept means creating a product that is not only nice to look at but also practical. It means reducing waste, but the product in the spotlight and look at all the factors around it, starting from the raw materials, to the production process and finally the packaging – without losing track of the most important part of the process: sustainability.


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