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Vinyasa Yoga, also known as Vinyasa Flow or Hatha Flow, is an extremely dynamic Yoga practice where different asanas are aligned one after the other without breaks to create a connected movement or "flow". Your Yoga mat needs to be grippy even when sweating a lot but it also has to give you the possibility to glide effortlessly from one posture to the next. You don't want a sticky material.

This is why we designed our Yoga mat Energy. Natural rubber on the bottom keeps the mat stable on the floor, microfiber surface gives you an amazing grip in wet conditions and lets you glide easily when you need to. By putting more or less pressure on the mat you decide how much grip you want. Careful: This works with your hands are already slightly wet. You can moisten them with some water at the beginning of your practice when you have not started sweating yet.

Keep hydrated! Vinyasa Yoga is INTENSE, so don't forget to hydrate. Our practical stainless steel water bottle ReBottle helps reducing plastic waste is light and easy to transport.

Love is in the Earth!

Pack content

The yoga mat ReMat Energy was created for more intense yoga styles like Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga or Bikram. The functional polyester microfiber absorbs sweat and dries up very fast, natural rubber on the bottom surface ensures stability and grip on the floor. 

This yoga mat was created to accompany you in your Anukalana Yoga practice, one of the most intense and dynamic yoga styles. The experience of Jacopo united with ReYoga's know-how were the origin if the design of this beautiful yoga mat adapted to help you in the best way to practice yoga.

TIP: when you start your practice and you have very dry hands or feet, vaporize some water on the mat or slightly wet your hands to instantly have the best grip.


Wash the mat before use.

Before you roll up and store ReMat Energy, make sure the mat is completely dried up. Don't expose it to direct sun or heat, the natural rubber might deteriorate. 

After the practice, clean ReMat Energy with a damp cloth and our ReClean Mat detergent or another delicate detergent. For a deeper cleaning, you can cold-wash the mat in a washing machine (no spinning!). Don't put it in a dryer!

RECYCLING: when it is time to recycle your ReMat Energy, divide the two different layers. The colored fabric has to be disposed of as plastic, the natural rubber can be recycled in a recycling center. 

Data sheet

Dry grip
♥♥ - Limited
Wet grip
♥♥♥♥♥ - Excellent
♥♥♥♥♥ - Excellent
♥♥♥♥ - Great
♥♥♥♥♥ - Excellent
♥♥♥ - Good

The new ReBottle Everyday is the perfect alternative to your average plastic bottle. Take it with you wherever you are and decrease your ecological footprint in an easy way. The message: Green attitude is our superpower – why YES it is!

18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel
Single wall design
100% BPA free / 100% Recyclable

Volume: 500 ml
Dimensions: height 233 mm x diameter 67 mm 

Hand-wash before first use.

No more plastic! The use of this stainless steel water bottle reduces your ecological footprint significally. Immagine that the creation of a small plastic bottle produces 0,08 kg of CO2! So every time you refill your bottle instead of buying a plastic one, you have saved your beloved earth from some extra harmful emissions.

Thanks to the slick lightweight design of this water bottle you can easily fit it in every purse or backpack. The sportive lid can be attached to your bag or back pack by using a carabiner.


Do not put hot liquids into single wall bottle.

Do not freeze your bottle.

Do not put your bottle in the microwave.

Dishwasher may affect the paint and print. Hand washing recommended. 

The ReBottle Everyday is exclusively produced for ReYoga® by Mizu.


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