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  • Cedar wood
  • Myrrh
  • Sambrani
  • Vetiver
  • Himalaya

Pack description

Meditation is an important segment of Yoga and should be a part of every Yogis life. Even if you only meditate a couple of times a month you will have positive results on your overall health, physically and mentally.

We have created a meditation kit for you, so you can buy all the things you need for meditation in one comfortable package:

Our most comfortable Yoga mat Free Soft 6mm, the mediation pillow Zafu and some incense sticks for the right mood.

Get comfy and say OM!

Pack content

ReMat Soft is an ecological yoga mat with an exceptional grip and a high-density cushion that brings softness, and comfort to your practice. It is ideal to practice static yoga, like Yin Yoga or Pilates, you can use it on either side, choosing the color that fits your current mood. Due to its thickness of 6 mm it offers very high softness and exceptional comfort also on hard floors or cement.

The ecological sustainability of our products and a deep commitment to high-quality products are the fundamental principles of ReYoga. Our mats are manufactured from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) without PVC or latex. TPE is a high-quality material which main features include elasticity and an unparalleled usage resistance. It also is odorless, hypoallergeniceasy to clean and most importantly, completely recyclable.

All these characteristics united at a thickness of 6 mm make our ReMat Soft the perfect yoga mat for yogis who want a high level of impact absorption and joint protection.

Data sheet

Dry grip
♥♥♥♥♥ - Excellent
Wet grip
♥♥ - Limited
♥♥♥ - Good
♥♥♥♥♥ - Excellent
♥♥ - Limited
♥♥♥ - Good

ReZaful is a classical meditation pillow, ideal to find the right posture. It can be used to stay in the Lotus, Half Lotus position or on the knees. Its consistency is very soft, which makes this pillow extremely comfortable.

Made from 100% this pillow is extremely resistant and at the same time very soft on the skin.

The pillow is filled with organic spelt husk which is naturally resistant to mite pest, breathable and a thermoregulatory.

ReZaful is handmade in Italy. It can be used to stay in the Lotus, Half Lotus position or on the knees. Its consistency is very soft, which makes this pillow extremely comfortable.

Dimension: 32 cm  x 12 cm (diameter x height)
Weight: 1,4 kg
Material: 100% cotton (removable cover can be washed separately
Zip: nickel-free metal
Padding: organic spelt husk

The natural incense sticks selected by ReYoga are the only ones that guarantee the absence of any chemical synthetic ingredients. They are entirely made from ground herbs, essential oils, and resin. Make your environment smell good - in a natural way.

Natural packaging of banana fibers containing 10 Sticks

Does not contain

Chemical or synthetic products, solvents, naphthalene, synthetic musk, adhesive material, dye 


Light the stick and put in in a designated incense stick holder. Keep away from the reach of children. 


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