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Protect your Yoga mat when using it in nature! Our Mat Cover is especially designed to protect your Yoga mat from dirt and scratches when using it in grass or on the beach. It is easy to use, light to carry and washable in the washing machine. 

Mat Cover is made for natural surfaces only, do not use on smooth surfaces like tiles or wooden floors.

Dimensions when open:  70x190 cm
Dimensions when folded: 16x22 cm
Weight: 100 gr.

Take your Mat cover with you and protect your Yoga mat when using it on the grass, in the forest or on the beach. 

This innovative and sustainable product was designed for everybody who loves to practice Yoga in nature. Grass, small stones or dirt can stain or even ruin your Yoga mat and a nature Yoga retreat can easily become e nightmare.

Mat Cover is a foldable, washable, sustainable fabric made to use underneath your Yoga mat and protect it from dirt, humidity and scratching. It is tear – resistant and can be washed in the washing machine.

It also is 100% recyclable!

IMPORTANT: Mat cover is made for natural surfaces only! Do not use on smooth surfaces (tiles or similar) since it would become slippery.

This spacious Yoga bag was created to transport every kind of Yoga mat, even XL formats, and still have enough space to insert your other personal belongings.

Handmade in Italy, 100% natural cotton.

Dimensions: 77 x 22 cm, internal diameter 58 cm
Material: 100% Cotton

Practical, comfortable and versatile. This Yoga bag has it all. Enough space for your Yoga mat and your other personal belongings. Insert a towel and some undies to change after practice without having to bring another bag. A small internal pocket keeps your phone and keys safe. 

The long straps are designed in a way so you can carry this bag in three ways: as a shoulder bag, around your back or back-pack-style.

Handmade in Italy, 100% natural cotton.


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