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Pack description

Hatha Yoga is one of the most practiced Yoga styles. Especially Yoga beginners often start with Hatha Yoga, an intense Yoga style that is adaptable and can be practiced in various difficulties.

We have created a Hatha Yoga Starter Kit including our entry Level Yoga mat Free Light and 2 cork Yoga blocks.

When you start with Yoga, it is important to have the right equipment for your kind of practice. You should be concentrated on your breathing and the correct alignment of your Yoga poses rather than your slippery yoga mat. Free Light is the perfect mat for all those you just started with Yoga and want an ecological yoga mat with a good grip. It is super light, easy to transport and you can clean it effortlessly.

Important: if you sweat a lot on your hands and/or your feet, dry them with a towel regularly during your practice to make sure you have the best grip on the mat.

Yoga blocks help you reach Yoga poses without compromising the required alignment even if you don't yet have the flexibility needed for the pose. For example if you want to reach your toes and keep a straight back at the same time - using blocks helps you holding the position correctly until you develop the flexibility needed to reach the position with just your hands.

Pack content

Free Light is an ecological yoga mat with a high grip, very light and easy to carry.

Its good degree of shock absorption, combined with a thickness of only 3 mm, offers you comfort and stability when performing asanas. Ideal for yoga, it can be used on both sides: it will be like having two mats in one!

Choose the colourful pattern that best suits your day and start practising straight away.

Technical specifications

Ideal for those who are just beginning their practice.

With its perfect combination of thickness and grip, Free LIGHT is the ideal eco-friendly, non-slip yoga mat for approaching any style of yoga.

Like all mats in the FREE line, LIGHT is made of 100% premium TPE, an environmentally friendly synthetic rubber which uses no toxic chemical additives during its production process, while requiring less energy than other similar materials for its manufacturing and is fully recyclable. The closed-cell structure of TPE makes FREE LIGHT waterproof and very easy to clean. Free LIGHT's TPE is hypoallergenic, as there is no latex in its composition, and of course, it contains no PVC.

It's very light (it weighs only 800 grams!), and of small size which will allow you to carry it with you at all times so you never have to give up your daily rebalancing moments.

Advice on the correct use

Before you start practising, we suggest you use some precautions to best preserve your mat:

  • always wash your hands and feet well to remove residues of oils and creams that may stain the mat

  • do not expose the mat to direct sunlight or heat sources, as this will deteriorate the environmentally friendly TPE and considerably shorten its lifespan.

  • use Free Light without shoes or non-slip socks to avoid damaging the surface

Do your hands and feet sweat a lot?

We recommend combining this mat with the GRIPPY BOO Towel.

Care and Maintenance

When you are not using the Free Light, we recommend keeping it rolled up in a dry, sheltered place. Ideally, it should be stored clean and dry in a natural fabric bag.

All you need to clean it is a wet, wrung-out cloth (do not use a dry cloth, as it may be too abrasive). Our advice is to always clean it after practice or at least once a week.

For deeper cleaning, it can be washed by hand in cold water with a mild detergent or with our mat cleaners.

We recommend drying the Free Light flat, absolutely not in a dryer, away from heat sources and not in direct sunlight.

Roll up your mat, always starting from the side opposite the ReYoga logo (the label must remain out when closed).

Data sheet

Dry grip
♥♥♥♥♥ - Excellent
Wet grip
♥♥ - Limited
♥♥♥ - Good
♥♥♥♥ - Great
♥♥♥♥ - Great
♥♥♥♥ - Great
ReBlock is a brick made from recycled cork from wine bottle corks. It is stable, light and its corners are rounded. You can use it on all sides to achieve the thickness you need during asanas, thus helping you to properly unload your body weight.

The standard size is the most commonly used and having two of them available is a great help when performing symmetrical postures.

The 'Big' version is used in Iyengar and by taller practitioners.

Technical characteristics

The support that helps you reach the correct positions

You can use ReBlock to perform, for example, positions whose goal is to touch the ground with your hands. If your back still cannot flex enough, simply place the cork blocks between your hands and the mat. This way you will be able to lean back and put the right amount of pressure on your hands while correctly unloading your body weight. Your teacher will be able to give you the right tips for using them during lessons.

The recycled cork surface will accompany you with a pleasant, natural feel. In addition, it is antibacterial, lightweight and does not absorb sweat.

In addition to the balancing and bending postures, you can use a yoga brick as a support in the seated postures, replacing the cushion.

In any case, using this tool can be very important in order to respect your body's limits and gradually progress in performing asanas.


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