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Element Ride is the perfect travel yoga mat for those on the move and those seeking close contact with the ground.

This natural rubber mat is extraordinarily grippy on both sides and provides an unsurpassed non-slip surface.

Thanks to its lightweight and small footprint when folded, it is very convenient to carry and store in a suitcase or bag.

It can also be used on top of another mat when you are looking for more comfort or practising away from home and want to regain your practice surface!

Technical characteristics

Designed for those looking for super grip and ease of transport!

Element RIDE is as thin as 'skin' and offers amazing sensations. Lightweight and easy to carry, it will follow you wherever your journey takes you!

With its very low thickness (only 1.5 mm), you can fold it up and store it in your suitcase or even in your hand luggage. The natural rubber that makes up this non-slip yoga mat provides optimal grip even under conditions of heavy perspiration. It ensures maximum stability for the duration of your practice regardless of its intensity.

The entire Element line is 100% natural rubber certified OEKO - TEX® Standard 100 class 1. Free of heavy metals, chemicals, and PVC.

Unlike other natural rubber yoga mats, which tend to give off a very strong smell of artificial substances, all mats in the Element line have a whiff of inflatable balloons. This is proof of the fact that no chemicals were used during the production process.

Not suitable for people allergic to latex.

Advice on the correct use

To preserve the qualities of natural rubber, the mat has not undergone any chemical treatment. You can practise on a fantastic yoga mat that makes no compromises!

Given its naturalness, we suggest you use some small but important precautions to keep it intact over time:

  • before practising, wash your hands and feet well to remove residues of oils and creams that may stain the mat

  • remove rings, bracelets and chains before practising, then wash your hands thoroughly. Latex is sensitive to metals and you may cause indelible stains

  • for the same reason, after washing your hands, do not touch coins, keys, statuettes or Tibetan bells

  • avoid the use of sanitising gels, as some of these contain substances that stain the mat. If you use them, wash your hands well with soap and water before practising in order to remove any residue.

  • do not expose the mat to direct sunlight or heat sources, as they degrade the natural rubber and make it slippery

  • given its thickness, we recommend not using it on uneven surfaces, as you will feel the differences in the terrain and may increase the risk of it being damaged

Care and Maintenance

Fold your Element RIDE, put it in your backpack or suitcase and take it anywhere! When you don't need to fold it, keep it rolled up in a dry, sheltered place. This will make it last longer. Always keep it away from heat sources (such as radiators or the boot of a car parked in the sun) and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.

If you can, put it inside a bag to protect it from dust.

In addition:

  • Moisturise it from time to time with a wet, wrung-out cloth to remove any lightening of the natural oxidation process that may form

  • Clean it after practising using a microfibre cloth soaked in water and wrung out, and if you wish, add a small amount of ReClean yoga mat cleaner and leave it to dry.

  • Never use a dry cloth for cleaning, as it may be too abrasive

  • For deep cleaning, wash in cold water with a little mild detergent and rinse thoroughly

  • Dry the mat lying down and out of direct sunlight by placing a towel between any surface and the mat

  • To prolong the life of the mat, prefer hand-washing to machine-washing: if you must, choose cold washing with very little mild detergent, plenty of rinsing, no spinning and absolutely no tumble-drying During cleaning, lighter areas may appear, which will disappear when the mat is completely dry.

Data sheet

Dry grip
♥♥♥♥♥ - Excellent
Wet grip
♥♥♥♥♥ - Excellent
♥ - Poor
♥ - Poor
♥♥♥♥♥ - Excellent
♥♥♥♥♥ - Excellent

Panel Tool

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