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yoga t-shirt vivi la vita yogi

Vivi la vita yogi: Yoga T-Shirts inspired by our ReYoga community and designed by Italian artist Nicola Canarecci

A philosophy, a value, a lifestyle. Yoga has many meanings for each of us and it is essential to share our point of view of what kind of connection we have with Yoga. For sure a beginner has a different point of view about Yoga than a long-time Yoga teacher.

To find out what are the essential meanings of Yoga we decided to involve our ReYoga community, the people who support us every day. We wanted to find words which describe what Yoga means to them. A social media campaign was launched, with just one simple question to answer: “What does Yoga mean to you?“. The answer had to be spontaneous and just one single word.

vivi la vita yogi t-shirt

Because Yoga is:
“evolution, love, listening, sharing, lightness, connection, awareness, serenity , buoyancy, discovery, now, wellbeing, silence, union, purification, being together, resilience, clarity, energy, freedom, knowledge, happiness, wisdom, truth, peace, balance, awakening, ahimasa, simplicity, respect, presence, harmony, relax, life, flowing, being, breathing, accepting, growth, inspiration, travel, gratitude, slowing down, opening up, discipline, finding yourself, essence, a route, OM, passion, change, Svadhyaha, joy” 

We took all the answers we received from our community and asked artist Nicola Canarecci to design our new Yoga T-Shirt collection. He decided to use a freehanded writing technique and give a special touch to each word. The calligraphy design so became much more personal and was not just a digital font but a unique drawing.

nicola canarecci yoga t-shirt
calligrafia Nicola Canarecci per ReYoga

To obtain a unique effect of the letters, Nicola modified the point of his brush.  

nicola canarecci yoga t-shirt reyoga

The new collection is out now. Full of colors and meaningful words, ready to be worn.

Discover the new T-Shirt collection.


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