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Friends will be friends!

Friends make your life better. Our friends are the members of our community with whom we share our values and our attitude. People, Associations, Companies. Earth. Yes, earth as well is a partner who needs our love more than we know.

We would like to talk about one partner in particular – Patagonia. An extraordinary company, created by people who respect our planet. We are glad that we were able to create a collaboration with this great company because like us they care about sustainability and eco-friendly production. Their correctness impresses us especially – they are the perfect example when talking about corporate responsibility and activism.

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We are proud Patagonia chose us as their partner and uses our Yoga mats and accessories in their shops all over Europe. They offer Yoga lessons for everybody – a great partnership for ReYoga. We are especially stoked that our engagement and effort in creating eco-friendly products is appreciated by larger companies.

What is it we like about Patagonia and except the great quality of their products?

  1. their mission to save the planet!
  2. their Fair Trade Certificate: with every purchase of a fair trade product money is sent to workers in their factories. The payments can be used as bonuses or for as a social investigation.
  3. their enormous effort to exemplify a sustainable life style.

Why has Patagonia chosen us as their partner? Because even if we are only a small company we follow the same goals: to build a Yoga community which cares about the future and health of our planet. Furthermore, the quality of our products meets Patagonia’s high standards – a factor that finally concluded the contract.

patagonia Montebelluna Yoga

Patagonia Shop Montebelluna

Patagonia e tappetini ReYoga

Yoga lesson with @giulia_c_rizzi

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