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Love is in the Earth!

Dear Yogis and Yoginis,
spring has started, some holidays are coming up and we finally have some free time to catch up on our connection with nature. Let’s unite and spread a message of love for our earth. Let’s leave the house and share our love for earth.


We prepared a contest to inspire you, so prepare yourself to leave your comfort zone and show us your idea of how to combine Yoga and nature. Topic: Love is in the Earth

To participate:

– publish at least one picture on Instagram from April 19th to May 5th showing your own interpretation of how Yoga and nature are connected.
– the picture does not necessarily have to be of yourself but you have to be the owner of the rights for this picture.
– tag @ReYoga on the picture and in the text of your post.
– insert hashtags #loveisintheearth and #reyoga
Who can participate in this Yoga contest?
Everyone can participate. To win a price you have to be resident in a country of the European Union (except Malta and Canary Islands) or provide a delivery address in this territory.

What does the winner get?

We created an original poster “Love is in the Earth” to enrich your Yoga space and make it a unique place to practice Yoga and share your love for nature.

The best three contest entries will receive a print of the hand-painted original 50x70cm painting “Love is in the Earth” by Italian artist Nicola Canarecci. A wonderful floral lettering painting to honor nature and earth.
The winners will be chosen by our staff who will evaluate the quality and originality of the picture and the caption/message in your post that goes with it. We don’t care about how many likes your picture gets, everybody has the same chance of winning.

The spirit of this contest is sharing our love for Yoga and nature, so just participate and show us your own interpretation of how Yoga and nature are connected. We can’t wait to see your pictures!


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