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The importance of a routine

The cold, the holidays, the Christmas parties and new year celebrations change our normal weekly routine. When January comes s we find ourselves in a state of relaxed laziness and it isn’t always easy to find the energy to start our usual daily routine again.

Important: if you have stopped your activity for 20-30 days, start again very slowly and give your body the time to gradually adjust.
ritrovare la routine pratica yoga

Let’s take a step back and start with an easier session: help your body to remember movements by starting with simpler positions and improve them slowly. Set yourself new goals and concentrate on them. A secret? Start with small doses and regain your breathing and balance, after that you can start thinking about reaching your limits and overstepping them.

Make sure the schedules of your Yoga practice is still compatible with your time table. If there are changes, adjust your day accordingly and create a new routine for yourself.

After determining “when”, think about “where”. Care about yourself and your personal space, clean and refresh your Yoga mat. Maybe the moment has come to replace it with a different model that suits your (changed?) requirements. Change your mat for an eco-friendly, high-quality product.

Our Yoga mats of the Free line are the perfect choice for beginners: easy to transport, good grip and great stability. For more comfort chose the soft version, same grip but more thickness and therefore more comfort and cushioning.

If you are looking for a Yoga mat with exceptional grip even in very sweaty conditions, we recommend our Element Grow yoga mat, made from 100% natural rubber. No more slipping, not ever.

Finally, for the best care and hygiene of your Yoga mat: ReClean Kit, the natural Yoga mat detergent available in three fragrances.

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