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Sostieni il progetto Pyari con Anna Inferrera e ReYoga

Donate, help and support with Anna Inferrera!

When the Italian Yoga master Anna came to ask us to collaborate with her to support a charitable organisation Onlus Pyari, we were more than happy to dedicate our work and time to a good cause. Together we developed a new model of our microfiber Yoga mat Energy, the Dreamcatcher, for every purchase of this mat we donate a small amount to charity.


Anna chose the colors and symbols and we combined them with her motto:

“Caring about other people is a very important part of being a true Yogi. Finding ReYoga as a partner was the perfect opportunity to doing good even when not practicing Yoga. 

Pyari Onlus was brought to me my one of my students who works for this charitable organisation. The children from Pyrani and their stories touched me instantly. This project changed the lives of so many people to the better and deserves all the support possible – not only to help a single child but the entire community. The construction of infrastructure created workplaces for doctors and teachers and children who live on the streets in very dangerous conditions finally get help and shelter.

My motto – A Yogic way of Life – was printed on the Yoga mat and I hope it will have a positive influence on a lot of people and their thinking. Together we can make the world a better place, even with small gestures.

progetto pyari anna inferrera reyoga
Sostieni il progetto Pyari con Anna Inferrera e ReYoga

With every purchase of a Limited Edition Yoga mat “Dreamcatcher”, we donate a small amount to the charitable organization Pyari Onlus. Who wants to donate more can chose to do so.

Anna chose Pyari Onlus because this organization built a socially sustainable project to help homeless children. The goal is to get away fro short-term help but create a system that changes the children’s lives and perspectives in the long-term. Safety, education and the participation in community projects together with doctors, teachers, nurses, and educators are the key concepts and have shown great success in the past. The children’s dramatic reality of aggression, theft, and prostitution was drastically changed to the better and their lives were organized in a way that they are able to make something out of themselves in a safe and guarded environment. More information: ).

Discover the Yoga mat Energy Dreamcatcher!

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