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Yoga, a discipline of great antiquity, is one of the most efficient methods to guarantee physical and mental health and spiritual realization for everyone who decides to dedicate himself to it.

Often people think about yoga as something magical but in reality, yoga represents one of the most ancient methods for personal growth and getting to know one’s body and spiritual mind. Thousands of years ago, antique yogis (rishi) were watching animals in the woods and noted that each different type of animal had different qualities and their own peculiar positions. By imitating some of these positions, the yogis noted positive effects on their bodies.

The peacock, for example, is characterized as an animal with great digestive capabilities, it can even digest a poisonous snake. So if you go into a position that is similar to the peacock it will strengthen your intestines notably.

So based on these intuitions the yogis created a series of exercices called ASANAS. The main principle was to ameliorate the lifestyle and become more concious about the natural environment and the resources the planet has to offer. A waste of these resources is a violation not only against ourselves but against our next generations.

ReYoga deeply believes that environmental consciousness and spirituality can only go together. Yoga is the link between the body, mind and spirit and the connection of the micro- and macro cosmos.

Wherever you practice yoga we want to make sure to provide you with a resistant and ecologically sustainable product. We put a lot of effort into the development of products which consist of high quality materials and are produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Our mission is to create a perfect mix between design innovation, and technology without damaging the environment or for that matter the human life.

ReInvent, ReCycle, ReYoga.

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